Weighing Type Rain Gauge with Weather Monitoring System

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International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation (IJRSI) | Volume V, Issue IV, April 2018 | ISSN 2321–2705

Weighing Type Rain Gauge with Weather Monitoring System

Rajkumar.R1, Prof.Vanmathi.C2

IJRISS Call for paper

  1, 2School of Information Technology and Engineering, Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India

Abstract –Weather is a state of the atmosphere that it is cold or hot, dry or wet, stormy or quiet and cloudy or clear. Generally weather defines the day-to-day temperature and precipitation activity. Meanwhile climate is a term that is the average atmospheric conditions over a period of time. Weather is assumed to mean the earth’s weather when used without qualification. Observing the weather circumstances manually is difficult. But the system proposed in my paper is an advanced solution for measuring rainfall in a specified area and monitoring the weather conditions at a particular place and make the information visible anywhere in the world. This system contains three sensors to measure weather conditions such as temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, altitude, light intensity. And also this system contains Load cell to calculate the rain fall magnitude. All the sensors and load cell connected with Arduino board. This microcontroller is used to get all the sensor values and Using Ethernet shield we can send all the sensor values to the web server. Thingspeak server is used to store all the sensor values in the online. We can download XL sheet from Thingspeak website that will hold all the sensor values. Thingspeak server automatically plot graph for all the sensor values with respect to time.

Keywords–Arduino, Weighing type rain gauge, Load cell, Ethernet shield, Sensors, Thingspeak server.


In the present time many innovations and technologies are found to measuring, monitoring and controlling various activities. Now these technologies are efficient one for human needs. Many things affect the environmental conditions. Weather conditions affected by many living and non-living things. Some human activities such as destroying forest by cutting down the trees, which is affect the weather conditions. Because of this now a days temperature is increased, pressure and altitude also gets affected. Because of sudden heavy rain and heavy storm flood will be possible. So we need a system to compare the rain fall magnitude with in a specific time in a specific area. Because of calculating the rain fall magnitude we will come know about the flooding and also we do the flood forecasting. By comparing all the weather condition details we can control the affected weather. Therefore we need a system to measure and compare all the values time by time.