Upgradation of SCADA System at SLDC, Bhopal

International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation (IJRSI) | Volume V, Issue VIII, August 2018 | ISSN 2321–2705

Upgradation of SCADA System at SLDC, Bhopal

Ishita Verma

 BE-VII Semester, Electronic and Telecommunications Engg Dept, LNCT, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

Abstract- Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition and Programmable Logic Controller are presently the most effective automotive systems used around the world for both establishing communication and monitoring the process along with supervision and recording information at from various data location scattered either at remote or in vicinity plant locations. Recent technological shift had find its suitability in Power plant like, Thermal, Gas, Hydro, Wind, Solar and other electricity generation sources. It is mainly effective in monitoring the electrical parameters (like voltage, current, power factor, Power etc) & controlling any fault occurs in electrical distribution system. This paper attempts to analyze the existing network of Regional LDC, for example WRLDC that are mainly under responsibility of POSCO which is under ownership of PGCIL.

Main & Backup Control Centers WRLDC are located at MPPTCL, GETCO, CSPTCL and GSED along with SCADA Systems at Union territories of Daman Diu (DDED) & Dadra Nagar Haveli (DNHED) and are able to perform all the functions of the Main control Centre except DTS and DDS. The system has been designed for meeting identified expansion requirements of present and future capacity calculated from archived data.

Keywords: SCADA, Distribution System, Fault identification, Back up of Control units, Data exchange and communication


The Indian power sector is organized in five electrical regions for operation namely North, South, East, West and North-east. And except south all the regions are synchronized as single block.
The exchange of power among these synchronized regions takes place through 765/400/220KV transmission lines and HVDC interconnections where as the power exchange with southern region is through HVDC interconnections.
The operation of the each regional grid is managed by the Regional Load Dispatch Centre (RLDC) with underlying State Load Dispatch Centre (SLDCs) and Sub-LDCs. At National levels, National Load Dispatch Centre located at New Delhi are under supervision of RLDCs and monitors inter-regional power exchanges. All SLDCs, RLDCs and NLDC control Centers are well- equipped with SCADA/EMS systems. The statutory functions of RLDCs and NLDC are discharged under applicable provisions of Indian Electricity Act.

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