The Impact of Science of Hadith on Some Jurisprudence Matters: A Case Study of Purity and Sallah

International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS) | Volume II, Issue IX, September 2018 | ISSN 2454–6186

The Impact of Science of Hadith on Some Jurisprudence Matters: A Case Study of Purity and Sallah

Abdulmalik Sani

Postgraduate Student, Department of Fiqh al-Sunnah (Sunnah Jurisprudence) Faculty of Hadith and Islamic Studies, Islamic University, Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Abstract:- Taharah (purification) in Islam is an important subject which dominates various books of jurisprudence. It is so important that it occupies an independent subject in Hadith collections. Taharah it refers to both hidden/spiritual and outer/physical purification. Spiritual purification is the purification of the soul and minds while physical purification has to do with the purification of the body, garments and the environment. In addition, physical purification is done with water which must be free from any impurities and can also be done with pure sand in case of alTayammum (dry ablution). The two forms of purification are necessary for the acceptance and validity of Islamic acts of worship.Then the Prayer which was one of the most important things which he (the Prophet peace be upon him) explained to the people, verbally and practically, even praying on the pulpit once – standing, bowing and prostrating, and then saying to them, I have done this so that you may follow me and learn my prayer. The method used in this research is analytical method.Therefore, this paper attempts to disclose some important areas explained by the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) in the different Ahadith about Taharah (Purification) where there are different views among the Jurists such as Ablution with Sunny water, Purifying a container licked by a dog, and also some important aspect about prayer was explained where the opinion of some scholars have differed such as the Concept of Reciting Al-Tashahud after Sah’wu (forgetting something in the prayer) and Saying of Al-Tashahud and Salam in Sallah: Obligatory or not encouraging among others. And finally the paper highlights the different views of some prominent Jurists such as Imam Shafi’, Abu Hanifah and lastly concluded.

Keywords: Science of Hadith, Jurisprudence, Purity and Sallah.

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