The Factors of Cyber Bullying and the Effects on Cyber Victims

International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS) | Volume II, Issue XII, December 2018 | ISSN 2454–6186

The Factors of Cyber Bullying and the Effects on Cyber Victims

C.K.A. Mawardah1, R. Normala2, C.Azlini3., M.Y. Kamal4., Z.M. Lukman5

1,2,3,4,5Faculty of Applied Social Sciences, University Sultan Zainal Abidin, Kuala Nerus, 20300 Terengganu Malaysia

Abstract: Cases concerning cyber-bullying are now rising in Malaysia. It often happens between students. However, kids and adults can also become victims of this crime. Cyber-bullying is a common problem worldwide and it happens almost in every nation in the world especially western countries. What is cyber-bullying? Cyber-bullying is an act where the doer proposes an information and action intentionally to hurt individual or group mentally. They do not specifically target any gender or age. This research focused on university students in Malaysia that are directly involved with cyberbully whether they are a victim or the doer. The objective of this research is to analyze the daily usage of the internet of students, and what kind of cyber bully that happens and what are the factors that encourage cyber bullies. The researcher used a descriptive style by using a questionnaire to scrutinize this cyberbullying problem. Based on the result, it shows that cyberbullying crime are rising between students, but the victims usually do not care much, and they chose not to take an action. This led to much more cyber-bullying personnel to be created as they thought that no one would ever take any action to them and they do not consider as a form of crime.


The Internet is a type of network that connects anything based on a protocol set to exchange information and communication for anything globally. The Internet is also a network of computer devices connected globally. In today’s era, internet usage is one of the alternative ways to get information resources to meet everybody’s needs. Each user will get information with just one click and there is no need to go to certain physically to obtain information that we need. All of this access just at the tip of our finger. All users will be able to experience all the necessary with ease of impact if it is used correctly. The Internet is a vast social network and is used by all people in every corner of the country1. It is used to connect each user from one place to another. The Internet is an abbreviation for inter and networking which means a multifunctional computer network. The existence of the internet is after marketing for communicating in the community. The existence of social media has changed the way of communication to the community, before this we are communicating in a non-verbal, long-term, time-bound manner. With this technology, we can be connected at any time for our convenience as long as we are being aware of its negative effects availability. It has also created other social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, and so on 2.

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