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International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS) |Volume VI, Issue XI, November 2022|ISSN 2454-6186

Role of Human and Physical Materials in Enhancing Guidance and Counselling Services in Nigerian Schools

 Dr. Dorcas Oluremi FAREO1, & ICHAKANU Rosemary Omeche2
1Department of Educational Foundations, Adamawa State University, P. O. Box 411, Mubi
2Postgraduate M. Ed Guidance and Counselling Student, National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), Yola Study Centre, Adamawa State.

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Guidance and counselling, is a noble profession whose importance in the Education system of Nigeria is becoming increasingly recognized by the country’s Education planners and policy makers. it is an integral part of schooling and a lot of emphasis should be laid on its implementation to ensure that its objectives are realised. Education guidance, which is a component of guidance and counselling, is a vital activity in the education system (Ribadu, 2021). However, in a developing African country like Nigeria, there are a lot of misconceptions about what guidance and counselling stood for. To clearly understand the concept of guidance and counselling; there is need to first explain the two words “guidance” and “counselling” separately before explaining the concept of guidance and counselling.
Guidance literally means to guide, inform, direct, watch over, aid and assist individuals. According to Fareo (2020), guidance enables clients to make choices which are intended to bring self-direction and adjustment. It is designed to help clients adjust meaningfully to the environment, develop the ability to set realistic goals and improve on total Education programmes. Guidance involves provision of direction or advice as in a decision or course of action, showing the way; setting and helping to drive, lead, assist, pilot and steer ideals into individuals by counselling professionals to enhance the achievement of goals (Egbo, 2015). Guidance therefore is a process of helping individuals to understand themselves and their world. It is developmental in nature, the individual is assisted to understand, accept and use his abilities, aptitudes, interest’s attitudinal patterns in relation to his aspirations. It is an integral part of the education process where students are assisted to understand themselves, their abilities, interests and goals.
Counselling on the other hand, is a process by which trained counsellors offer help to an individual in a one to one or one to many encounters. In counselling, information is given but it deals more intensely with personal and emotional issues (Mogbo, et al., 2011). According to Fareo (2020), counselling is a process designed to help clients understand and clarify personal views of their life space, and to learn to reach their self-determined goals through meaningful, well-informed