Role of Destination Branding in Enhancing Indian Tourism

International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS) | Volume III, Issue I, January 2019 | ISSN 2454–6186

Role of Destination Branding in Enhancing Indian Tourism

Sabari Shankar

*Pedagogical Research Associate, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, and Research Scholar, G.R. Damodaran Academy of Management, Coimbatore, India

Abstract – Indian tourism is likely to be the third largest tourism economy by 2028 and create 10 million jobs in Indian tourism sector. Statistics reports say that there is significant increase in the inflow of foreign tourists and domestic tourist visiting the destinations. This will upscale the economic growth, increase FDIs and generate new business avenues and thus it is predominant for destination marketers to analyses the significance of destination image in branding destination. This article is based on a wide research work on destination image, and an extract of the role of destination branding in enhancing Indian tourism has been portrayed. The areas carrying importance have been discussed theoretically.

Keywords – Indian tourism, destination branding, destination image, Foreign Tourists Arrivals, Destination Marketers


India being a vast country has its own tourist attractions and possesses a rich heritage, diverse culture, architectural monuments, climatically pleasant mountain chains, and various other resources. The calumnious growth of tourism industry has not only been protecting bestowed resources but also elevating tourism-based businesses, contributing to economic growth and development, increasing opportunities in employment, foreign direct investments, and competes with other countries in world tourism market. It is important for the Government, Businesses and other thereof to promote the Indian tourism by branding destinations and to achieve tourism sustainability. Thus, the role of destination branding comes into the lucrative consideration. Indian Government has initiated many strategies and programs, for the betterment and promotion of Indian tourism targeting the world tourists. This article is based on a wider research on destination image and insights limited to analyze the importance of destination branding indulging scrutiny of destination image has been extracted.


Indian tourism inculcates wide range of tourists attractions such as long beaches, stretch of sands, tropical forests, variety of lifestyles, climatic variations, plains and mountain chains etc., and it also has a blended ambience of arts, culture, history, traditions, customs, beliefs, values, religions, and climates etc. There are many types of tourism prevail in India and still research executes different phases to the box

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