Modelling and Analysis of Off-Road Rally Vehicle using Adams Car

Modelling and Analysis of Off-Road Rally Vehicle using Adams Car

Shreyas B N1, Kiran M D2

1, 2Department of Mechanical Engineering, B.M.S Institute of Technology and Management, Yelahanka, Bangalore, India

Abstract—The paper discusses the modelling of a virtual prototype of the suspension and steering sub systems of a physical rally vehicle available on campus. Upon modelling the front and rear suspensions and the steering on Adams Car, the created model is tested for its correctness using Half Vehicle analysis like K and C analysis, and full car analysis like CRC and Maintain Analysis. Furthermore, the front lower control arm is made flexible to see the stresses acting on it to investigate its reason for failure in the actual prototype.

Keywords-Kinematics; camber; toe; caster; cornering; maintain; flex body


An off-road vehicle, as the name suggests, is usually driven on uneven terrains and harsh road conditions.For this project, the rally car has been built with handling properties being given the utmost priority. The chassis is fabricated with steel as the material. The front suspension used it of the double wishbone type, falling under independent type of suspensions. The rear suspension resembles the multilink type. There are 6 suspension struts used in this car. Two are used in front suspension and four struts are used at the rear suspension. The main aim in this project is to find out the reason of failure of the control links in the front suspension.


The aim of this project is to dynamically analyze the performance of the off-road vehicle by creating a replica of the physical suspension model on the software GUI. This phase is crucial as small errors in the data procured can lead to large changes in the dynamic behavior of the car. Hence, utmost care has to be taken to ensure the hard points extracted from the physical prototype are as accurate as possible.

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