Implimenting the VSM Technique in Textile Industry for the Better WIP

International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation (IJRSI) | Volume V, Issue XII, December 2018 | ISSN 2321–2705

Implimenting the VSM Technique in Textile Industry for the Better WIP

Dr. Dushyanth Kumar K.R

Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan-573201, Karnataka, India

Abstract – Economy for the any organization is based on the factors like product cost, production time, Total quality management and waste reduction in the production processes makes an impact. Next to the agriculture textile industries are playing great role in the GDP role of the country.
The textile industries are facing problems like long cycle time, WIP inventory, and also inflexible in process factors of machineries these are called Non Value Added (NVA) activities in the production processes. To avoid these factors the use of advanced manufacturing techniques like Lean Manufacturing, agile manufacturing, world class manufacturing systems plays a very big role in the current industrial scenario. In this research work, the implementation of the Value Stream Mapping technique and layout modification is used. Through this technique the whole production time and also WIP inventory is reduced drastically reduced and reduction of total time also possible to get the real productivity is the main motive of this work.

Keywords- Lean Manufacturing, layout modification, Value Stream mapping, Garment process improvement.


While considering the economic factors globally. New customer demands, market trends and a huge competition with the competitors are the current scenarios. And these are having that factors like high varieties with varied volumes of the products. Without increasing the price of the product the competitions with the competitors are challenging task. For the company productivity, this can be only achieved through by reducing the manufacturing cost of the product by the use of less resources with an effective production processes. Toyota Production System (TPS) or Lean Manufacturing (LM) concept is the management philosophy which is mainly focused on the reduction of wastes in production process to improve the customer’s overall value, this tool can help to identify waste and improves the quality by reducing time. Lean describes a system that produces what the customer wants and when they want it, with minimum effort.

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