Equipment, Accessibility and Productivity of Security Organizations in Nigeria

International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS) | Volume II, Issue XI, November 2018 | ISSN 2454–6186

Equipment, Accessibility and Productivity of Security Organizations in Nigeria

Ukwayi, J.K.1, Agba, A. M. Ogaboh2 & Agba, M. S.3

Lecturers1&2 Department of Sociology and 3Department of Public Administration, University of Calabar, Nigeria

Abstract:-The concern of this study is on the effect of equipment and its accessibility on the performance of security organizations in Nigeria with particular reference to the Niger Delta region. The study specifically examines how crime prevention equipment, and arms/ammunition influence the effectiveness of private and public security outfits in the Niger Delta region. Information was gathered using open and closed ended questionnaire from 1200 participants selected from the region. Data were subjected to statistical analysis and presented for easy interpretations in tables, per cent and charts. Result shows that availability of security equipment and security personnel access to working tools significantly affect the performance of security organizations in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. We recommended among others urgent provision of security apparatus to security organizations through public-private partnership; and that security organizations should be granted guided and good access equipment available in their organizations.

Keywords: Equipment, accessibility, productivity, security organizations.


Security remains a high profile challenge in Nigeria. The country more than ever before is characterized by high level of social disorder, robbery, kidnapping, terrorism, and assassination. This phenomenon is gaining momentum daily as increasing number of Nigerians continue to die from social upheavals which ordinarily could have been stopped by security operatives. This situation has attracted many concerns in and outside the country. Consequently, government at various times has tried to address this challenges through enhanced salaries, trainings of the Nigeria police officials, immigration, civil defence, military, and custom. Government is also encouraging through her policies the establishment of private security organizations to check the security challenges in the country(Agba, Eteng & Titus, 2017; Ukwayi, Okpa, Adewoyin, Angioha & Udom, 2017).

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