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International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS) |Volume VI, Issue XI, November 2022|ISSN 2454-6186

Efforts to Improve Cross-Cultural Competencies and Resiliency for Peacekeepers and Their Families in the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Lebanon (UNIFIL)

 Ridha Ayu Rachmawati, I Dewa Ketut Kerta Widana, I Gede Sumertha Kusuma Yanca, Herlina Juni Risma Saragih
National Security Faculty, Republic of Indonesia Defense University, Indonesia

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Abstract: The Government of the Republic of Indonesia carries out a free and active foreign policy, therefore the Government of Indonesia has always actively participated in efforts to maintain world peace under the banner of the United Nations. This study aims to analyze about: a) how Indonesia’s Participation in the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) Mission; b) Approach Program Through Cross-Cultural Competence for Peacekeepers in UNIFIL’s Mission; and c) Resilience Improvement Program for Peacekeepers and Their Families in UNIFIL Mission. The research method used is qualitative with data collection techniques through interviews with informants and literature studies. The results of the study prove that (1) Indonesia has actively participated in maintaining world peace which is the embodiment of the 4th Paragraph of the Preamble to the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia (UUD NRI 1945). (2) These obstacles and challenges are caused by differences in Cross-Cultural Competence and Cultural Intelligence, both of which are closely related. Cultural Intelligence (Cultural Intelligence) consists of Mental Ability and Behavioral Ability. Mental abilities include metacognitive intelligence, cognitive intelligence, and motivational intelligence. Meanwhile, Behavioral Ability is behavioral intelligence. Cross-Cultural Competence can be improved through experience (experience), training (training), education (education), self-development (self-development); and (3) To increase the peacekeeper’s resilience, there are 4 (four) efforts, namely practical handling of stressors, cognitive or internal strategies, stress reduction supported by the situation and environment, and personal approach. There must be additional Cross-Cultural Competence training by the United Nations for peacekeepers (civil and military) in every UN peacekeeping mission around the world. The importance of creating a Family Resilience program for peacekeeper families, such as FOCUS in the United States, which can reduce stress levels and other problems so that the performance of peacekeepers in carrying out their duties becomes more qualified and effective in order to maintain international peace and security.

Keywords: Cross-Cultural Competencies, Resiliency, Peacekeeper, Family, Peacekeeping Mission, UNIFIL


The idea of world peace became a hot topic to be discussed, especially after the outbreak of World War II in 1941 – 1945. The impact of the destruction of World War II gave birth to the idea of an international organization called the United