Effects of Using New Media ‘Good News from Indonesia’ on Nationalism in Indonesia

International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS) | Volume II, Issue X, October 2018 | ISSN 2454–6186

Effects of Using New Media ‘Good News from Indonesia’ on Nationalism in Indonesia

Gunawan Wibisono1, Ahmad Zuber2, Bagus Haryono3

1Master in Sociology Program, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia
2,3Department of Sociology, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia

Abstract―New media development has penetrated almost all lines of human life. Technology has become a part of everyday life. One of the most obvious is the use of new media. Various types of life necessities such as communication tools, access to information, shopping and means of transportation are very easy to use through new media. In addition, new media can also be a platform to spread good news that can generate positive enthusiasm. One of them is a Good News From Indonesia (GNFI). This study aims to prove the effect of the use of new media on the GNFI website on the behavior of nationalism in Indonesia. This type of research is quantitative with a multiple linear regression approach. The sample of this study is 270 respondents who use the site. Based on the t test, the results show that t count > t table, then H0 is rejected and H1 is accepted with a t value of 3,594 > 1,285. Based on the regression coefficient, it shows that nationalism behavior is influenced by the use of the website for 100%, while the remaining 89,7% is influenced by other variables.

Keywords: Indonesia, Nationalism, New Media, Website, Technology.


New Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have changed the perspective of the global world, understanding and experiencing everyday life. Cell phones and the internet are at the core of this change. They change the pattern of daily interactions that produce new types of digital and intensive human-internet interactions(Kopomaa, 2000; Kasesniemi, 2003; Katz, 2006b; Fortunati, Katz & Riccini, 2003; Haddon, 2004; Ling, 2004; 2008; Nyíri, 2003a; 2003b; Rheingold, 2002).
Rapid technological development has affected people’s lives, one of them for the people in Indonesia. Various life needs such as communication tools, access to information, shopping, transportation equipment and other means of payment can be done in new media. The internet is a new media that emerged after the print media and broadcast media. In Indonesia, the development of internet infrastructure began in the 1980s, and until now its users continue to increase.

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