Diverse Mass Media as Teaching Resources in Culturally Diverse English Classrooms (CDEC)

International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS) | Volume II, Issue X, October 2018 | ISSN 2454–6186

Diverse Mass Media as Teaching Resources in Culturally Diverse English Classrooms (CDEC)

Phirriyalatha Vijayan1, Dr Carol Murphy2

 1PhD, School of Education, University of Tasmania, Australia
2School of Education, University of Tasmania, Australia

Abstract: The usage of mass media in CDEC is hypothesized to be effective strategy in educating diverse students. It additionally the current paper discusses the utilization of media in CDEC on teaching and learning process. A quasi experimental study design was used in this intervention study. Both quantitative and qualitative approaches were applied in order to achieve the study objectives. The total sample consists of one hundred and twenty-six from different social background of 22 countries were recruited in this study. Findings showed that mass media usage in English class and English proficiency were significantly associated with students’ perceptions of using diverse mass media in Culturally Diverse English Classrooms (CDEC). The newly developed lesson plan was found beneficial in increasing the motivation and engagement of students in English teaching and learning. In conclusion, the study suggested that diverse mass media exploitation in Teaching and learning to boost the basic skills of diverse cultural students English acknowledged as global language.

Key words: English language teaching, diversity, mass media, culturally diverse English classrooms


Lecturers can use the existing media resources in order to initiate importance of materials and enhance knowledge of the subjects being taught. Traditionally, teaching was more to teacher-centric, and students were pushed with information. By using mass-media the instructor is significantly able to deliver the knowledge of expertise to the corresponding students. With a drastic change of technology, educators continuously experienced various challenge in choosing the media platform which is most accurate and effective to reach their students. In addition, instructors are able to develop personal media to convey the knowledge effectively and efficiently (Nomass, 2013).

Currently, a society with an enhanced knowledge is required to grow recognition with various successful skills compared to the earlier society. Therefore, it is important for educators to developed and implement contemporary social tools. This is to ensure the educators are well prepared to serve the students’ needs in teaching and learning. By implementing this new strategy, educators may occupy themselves with appropriate knowledge on social media and hence lead to drastic transformation on the pedagogical basis of their teaching experience. Mass media, serves as a tool to assist students to adapt and experience flexible learning (Tyner, 2014).

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