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International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation (IJRSI) | Volume VII, Issue V, May 2020 | ISSN 2321–2705

Direct Marketing Vs Creative Marketing: Evaluation and Analysis in Malaysia

Nur Farhana Binti Mohamed, Abdoul Rahman Mhd Ramez Al Jounaidi
Department of Management, Al-Madina International University, Kualalumpur-Malaysia

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Abstract-Marketing is the only business function that truly engages with customers. Marketing can be divided into two type which are the direct marketing and creative marketing. Direct marketing is a database driven marketing strategy, which relies on communication with customers whilst creative marketing is the technique of building customers trust and loyalty. For this paper, it consists of five parts or chapters. The first part is introduction to the research conducted while the second part is related to the review of literature regarding direct marketing and creative marketing. The third part focuses on the research conducted through surveys by distributing questionnaires to the entrepreneurs from various type of industries in Malaysia. Meanwhile, the fourth part is pertaining on the results of the research conducted along with some discussion. The final and last part would be the conclusion and a few recommendations on the overall research. As a whole, the study regarding direct marketing and creative marketing is an interesting field to study however, there is still a challenge because knowing more about the field require more and deeper analysis on each one of it in order to gain a positive impact on building relations with clients, fulfilling their needs and demand along with having more sales.

Keywords: Direct Marketing, Creative Marketing, Evaluation and Analysis.


Today, marketing is basically about creating customer value and building the relationship between both customer and business that at the end will gives benefits to both parties. The world of marketing is changing rapidly due to new technology which the marketing channels have been upgraded this new year back with the availability of internet (Armstrong and Kotler, 2013).

Generally, the process of marketing is a way of satisfying customer needs. This is said because the products or services were able to be sold without paying much attention to the selling process. Hence, that results in the ability of customers to engage to the company and values relationship between customers and companies (Armstrong and Kotler, 2013).

This research takes a look into the common way of marketing since for the case of small businesses; they would probably have very limited resources to use in marketing. Therefore, their marketing technique should be directed straight towards the potential customers which is also known as direct marketing. Also, for the business that would like to take a step further and gain more profit, it is recommended to use the creativity concept in marketing or creative marketing instead of just relying on direct marketing.