Development of Dual Shaft Multi Blade Waste Plastic Shredder for Recycling Purpose

International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation (IJRSI) | Volume VI, Issue I, January 2019 | ISSN 2321–2705

Development of Dual Shaft Multi Blade Waste Plastic Shredder for Recycling Purpose

Asmamaw Tegegne1, Abebe Tsegaye2, Ermias Ambaye3, Rezen Mebrhatu4

1Federal Technical and Vocational Education and Training Institute, Ethiopia
2Dila Polytechnic College, Ethiopia
3Nefas Silk Polytechnic College, Ethiopia
4Addis Ababa Polytechnic College, Ethiopia

Abstract- Plastics are one of the most essential engineering materials used for different applications. On processing plastic materials cutting in to the required size is one of the key operations. Cutting can be carried out using hand or motor driven machine. Shredder machine is commonly used for cuttingtheprimary manufactured and waste plastics for further processing. Waste plastics thrown in land affect the environment and cause pollution.To reduce the pollution due to waste plastics recycling is essential task. However multi bladed and compacted in size shredder machine is one of the problems in recycling process of these waste plastics. Thus the objective of this project is to develop electrically driven dual shafted-multi bladed shredder machine using locally available machine construction materials for the purpose of recycling waste plastics for further use. Experimental method that is essential for variable and parameter control was used to carry out this project. Purposive sampling method was used for sampling and sample size was 1227x854x700mm. Angle and sharpness of the blades, space between the blades etc. were considered as essential variables and cutting speed, revolution per minute were considered as some of the parameters. Simple manufacturing tools including measuring tools and machines were used for constructing the shredder.
The 1.5kwtt capacity motor driven with a production rate of 11kg/per hr. shredder was developed and tested as well as approved. The total cost of the shredder was 1455.48USD and is affordable. Using the newly developed machine enhances economic development by saving the foreign currency spends for the provision of new machines.

Key words- Waste plastic, Shredder, environmental Pollution, recycling, small and medium enterprises

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