Concept of Human Dignity in Islamic Thought

International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS) | Volume III, Issue I, January 2019 | ISSN 2454–6186

Concept of Human Dignity in Islamic Thought

Dr. Vaffi Foday Sheriff

Department of Islamic Studies, Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto-Nigeria

Abstract: – This paper focuses on human dignity in Islamic thought. It has been presented in seven segments beginning with an introduction and followed by conceptual definition of the related terms and the differences between dignity and pride. The paper also discussed the views of some Muslim scholars on Human dignity. It further examines the position of Islamic thought on some articles in universal declaration of Human Rights and the inherent Dignity. Moreover, some ethics that help in preserving human dignity are highlighted. The researcher adopted in writing this paper, a critical analytical method to achieve the objectives of the research.


The concept of human dignity (Karamatu al-Insani) is rooted in Islamic thought which denotes inviolable value of all mankind which cannot be destroyed. It does not depend basically on conditional ties but simply results from being human being either as an individual or as a member of group of people. However, there are two approaches in understanding human dignity; one is religious and another one is secular. The first is based on a creed that human beings have a special place in the world and that human life is honored. Perhaps, the pertinent question to ask in discussing this paper; is what human dignity is? And how human dignity can be differentiated from pride? What is the role of religion in shaping moral behavior of a dignified person? What is an approach of Islamic thought to universal declaration of human rights?

In answering these questions, the paper is divided into eight parts, part one is the introduction part two discuses conceptual definition of the terms, part four analyzes the differences between dignity and pride, part five examine the position of Islamic thought on some articles in universal declaration of Human rights and the inherent dignity, part six discuses the preservation of human dignity by suing senses and reason, part seven underlines the feature of human dignity in Islamic thought and part eight of the paper round up by conclusion.

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