A Cloud Based Natural Hazard Detection and Warning System

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International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation (IJRSI) | Volume V, Issue IV, April 2018 | ISSN 2321–2705

A Cloud Based Natural Hazard Detection and Warning System

Nishanth A,Vanmathi C

IJRISS Call for paper

  School of Information Technology and Engineering, Vellore Institute of Technology, India

Abstract – Though there are several advancements in technology, only a very few of them are concentrated on predicting and detecting natural disasters such as Earthquake, Tsunami and etc. But using technology in these areas would save lives by warning people about the disaster at an earlier time and will be very helpful. The existing methodologies are capable of detecting and measuring the intensity of disasters during the time of happening. A conclusion can be derived that it fails to warn people at the right time and the recordings were just used for statistical purposes. On the other hand, if a system is developed for the same; it is not recognized and not implemented in real time due to lack of awareness and other reasons such as the cost of installation, etc. Hence, the objective is to come up with a cost effective device which can detect natural disasters and should be implementable at any remote area.

Keywords— earthquake detection, warning system, arduino, mobile alert, firebase cloud


The Global Seismic Hazard Assessment Program states that more than fifty countries of the world are very prone to earthquakes or tsunami in case if it’s surrounded by water bodies. Developed nations such as Mexico, Japan still face life loss during every disaster. If there exists an early warning system, those lives could be saved.

Even if the much prone countries are prepared for causalities, nature becomes unpredictable and countries with no history of disasters can also face one. The regular intuition of people is tolook for shelter or keep running for their lives instead of accomplishing something perplexing like turning off circuit breakers or killing gas valves during the crisis. And, this device shows the plan and usage of a mechanized seismic tremor discovery framework that cautions individuals at the opportune time.

Apart from earthquakes and tsunami, the proposed device also works as a flood alert system. Flash floods are common in places situated in and around river beds. Heavy rain fall causes it and affects urban areas drastically. People get stranded inside buildings and the essential supplies like electricity, food gets cut down totally. Installing a device away from their houses for a perimeter can detect floods and buy them time to evacuate or save their valuables.