Bit level Block Based Steganography Technique using Edge Detection

International Journal of Research and Innovation in Applied Science (IJRIAS) | Volume III, Issue II, February 2018 | ISSN 2454-6194

Bit level Block Based Steganography Technique using Edge Detection

1Manmeet Kaur, 2Jagminder Cheema Brar, 3Sukhveer Brar
1, 2 CSE, PTU, BMSCE, Sri Muktsar Sahib, Punjab, India
3 ECE, PTU, BMSCE, Sri Muktsar Sahib, Punjab, India

Abstract – Steganography is the art and science of hiding secret data information in other media like digital images. The secret message is hidden in such a way that no one can apart from the sender or the intended recipient view the information. Therefore, different techniques have been proposed so far for. Steganography can be proceeded either in spatial domain of image where the data is hidden in the pixels of the image without any modifications to the image or it can be transformed domain steganography where the image is transformed into the frequency domain before embedding the message. Imperceptibility, Capacity, and Robustness are main characteristics features of any data hiding technique. So far many techniques have been proposed for edge based steganography. And these techniques have been achieved better performances than the conventional techniques of data hiding. But quality of the stego image, data security, and data capacity are still major issues faced by the area. The key objectives of the research are to design a high capacity data embedding algorithm, to propose a block based bit level algorithm to improve the quality of the image, to find the improved imperceptibility, to make the algorithm simple secure and less time consuming. The present work introduces a Block based Steganography Technique which hides the message bits into the edges of color images. In the proposed algorithm, to preserve the quality of the stego image it is preferred to hide the data at the edges because by doing so the visual quality of the image is affected less as compared to the other areas in the image. And the parameters like MSE, PSNR, BER, and CC were calculated to check the imperceptibility of the algorithm. The results were tested using various images of various sizes by embedding the data of different lengths. The smaller values of MSE, high values of PSNR, values closer to zero for BER, and values closer to 1 for CC shows the high imperceptibility of the algorithm. Also due to use of the secret key the proposed algorithm is more secure than the conventional algorithms and an unauthorized person cannot access the secret message without knowledge of the secret key.

Keywords – Steganography, staganalysis, Canny, stego image


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