A Study of Employee Attrition Rate at Selected Manufacturing Industry

International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS) | Volume III, Issue I, January 2019 | ISSN 2454–6186

A Study of Employee Attrition Rate at Selected Manufacturing Industry

Jasneet Kaur1, Harish K.Padmanabhan2

1Student, Department of MBA, SNJB KBJ COE, Maharashtra, India
2Assistant Professor, Department of MBA, SNJB KBJ COE, Maharashtra, India

Abstract: Employee attrition means not only loosing employee, it also reflects to loss customer from organization. The impact of employee attrition proves negative sign in terms of less productivity and employee morale. Higher rate of employee attrition shows failure of organizational efficiency in terms of retaining skilled employee. The main objective of this study is to examine the work related causes for employee dissatisfaction at work place that results to attrition. The outcome of this research can be utilized for redesigning the HR policies and practices and take corrective actions to reduce the attrition rate.

Keywords: Employee Attrition, productivity, satisfaction.


Employee is the most important human capital asset who results to reflect the success of organization. The brunt of globalization has resulted to mobilization of workforce from one organization to another, region to region and sometime from one country to another. Hence, it has become greatest challenge for HR manager to handle the loss of skilled employee’s attrition.
In HR practice, the term Employee Turnover and Attrition are interchangeable with respect to industry and its causes. Attrition means reduction of employee through retirement, resignation, or death. Employee Attrition is serious issue that addresses the voluntary or forceful termination of talent and skilled employee, which affects the goodwill and productivity of organization. Employee Attrition can be indicated that employees are leaving due work related or personal problem. In most of the research it has been found that work related in the major cause for higher employee attrition rate
High attrition result to loss on the cost of company spent on recruitment and training. The impact of employee attrition leaves a long term negative impression on goodwill of organization. In simple words, it can said that employee attrition is caused due to non fulfillment of employee’s perception or expectation towards employer or failure of employer’s commitment towards employees satisfaction.

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