Call for Papers (CPF)  April 2019

Call for papers (CPF) for the upcoming April 2019 issue of International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS). We cover areas related to Social Science journal, Arts & Humanities journal, law and culture journal, language journal, management journals and many more.

  • Papers will publish in English.
  • Open Access Journal for the promotion of your research.
  • A global list of prestigious reviewers.

Submission Guidelines

Submission Deadline 26.03.2019 – 25.04.2019
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Final Submission for Accepted Paper  Online Submission
Month / Year / Volume / Issue April 2019 Volume III Issue IV new

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Our main purpose and target are to serve as an organisation for stimulation, guiding and support its members to complete the general aim and responsibilities to build the research and development activities for the advancement of general welfare.