Why should i attend Research and Scientific Innovation Society Conference 2017?

Conferences offer opportunities to expand your knowledge base, improve your personal skills and network with others in your field. You’ll find out what your peers are doing, what the new trends in the industry are, and where there’s room for movement and improvement. At the conference, you’ll participate in break-out sessions specifically designed to stimulate your personal and professional growth. They will help you increase your ability to step up as a leader, influence others through powerful communication skills and develop a personal brand that is distinctly your own while vastly improve yWhat happens to my paper? Will you publish it?our chances for success. We assure you, you will arrive at the conference with a job or education, but leave with a refreshed outlook and a vibrant career.

When will the conference take place? Where is it located?

The 4ICMRP 2017 Conference will take place December 22, 2017 at Ahmedabad Management Association, ATIRA Campus, IIM-A Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

How can my organization become a conference sponsor?

Sponsorship opportunities are limited, so act today. Sponsorships are processed in October for the conference the following year. To become a sponsor and for more information, please contact info@rsisinternational.org.

Can I submit an abstract?

We don't review abstract.

Is there a template available for paper format?

Yes, you can download paper format from the Downloads section (Call for Paper > Downloads ).

How many pages are allowed in any submitted paper?

Over length page charge at USD50/INR 300 each is payable if your paper exceeds the 5-page limit. No author may exceed eight pages for each paper.

How many authors are allowed per each paper?

Subject to the limitation of the maximum of four authors.

Can I submit more than one paper?

Yes, you can submit more than one paper at a time.

What is a Unique Manuscript ID(UMI)?

Unique Manuscript ID(UMI) is an Unique Identification Code provided to your submitted Manuscript. You should always mention the Unique Manuscript ID(UMI) during any communication with us.

Whom do I contact if I have questions about the status of my manuscript?

Please contact us via the email: 4icmrp@rsisinternational.org.

How can I register? What are the registration fee?

Please check the registration page (www.rsisinternational.org/conference/4ICMRP2017/for-indian-author/) for registration information.

What does my registration fee cover?

The fee entitles you to: 1). Entrance into the conference. 2). Lunch, snacks, and beverages at the venue. 3). Presentation slot of your paper if registered as an Author. 4). Conference takeaways and kit. 5). State of the art keynote lectures. 6). Networking opportunities with fellow authors.

Will accommodation be provided?

Conference is non-residential and that Authors and Participants are kindly requested to make their own arrangements for accommodation in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

How can I reserve a hotel room, and what are the rates?

Please check Hotel & Accommodation page (www.rsisinternational.org/conference/4ICMRP2017/venue/#Accommodation) for information.

Is the conference schedule available?

Details will be posted on our website as they are confirmed. A full conference schedule, including conference sessions, will be available on our website.

What should I wear ?

The conference does not have a dress code. Most conference participants tend to dress in business casual.

Is the conference active on Social Media?

Yes, we are certainly social. Stay updated about all of the Research and Scientific Innovation Society Conference 2017 on Facebook, Twitter, Linked, Google Plus.

Should I bring business cards?

Definitely. It's a great way to keep in touch with the other Conference participants and presenters after the conference.

Will my sessions and presentations be recorded at the conference?

Some Sessions and presentations will be recorded by a production crew and conference videos will be available on the Youtube channel of the conference within a month of commencement of the conference.

Is the event being photographed?

Yes, RSIS Conference is being photographed by a crew of professional photographers and the conference photos will be available at the Conference Facebook Page.

What happens to my paper? Will you publish it?

1). All the accepted full papers are going to be published in the Proceedings with an ISBN number and will be given to the participants on the conference day.
2). Participants also will be able to reach and download Proceedings E-book from the conference website.
3). Proceedings will also be included in Google Scholar and BibSonomy.

Can I see past event photos?

Photos from Research and Scientific Innovation Society Conference are available at the Gallery.

I did not find my question on your FAQ list.

Kindly mail us all your queries or suggestions at 4icmrp@rsisinternational.org, We will be happy to serve you better.